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 We are launching our FIRE leadership program for Middle Eastern (ME) women, in particular those who immigrated to the U.S. or came as a refugee, to participate in our Access, Inc. Fellowship for Immigrant and Refugee Empowerment (FIRE) leadership program. We offer the class monthly every 3rd Friday of the month at License to Freedom in El Cajon, beginning August 2017 and ending July 2018. We have 20 ME women who are committed to completing the year long program. The program will begin with recognizing unhealthy relationships, progress to learning how to advocate for others without judgment, to funding your own project through the art of grant writing. The last quarter will provide the participants with internship opportunities to support a survivor of domestic violence in preparation of her case ; speaking at community presentations, and attending and networking at local community meetings. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate and continued mentor-ship from Access, Inc. and License to Freedom. This program will be facilitated by Dilkhwaz Ahmed.
F.I.R.E Fellowship for Immigrants and Refugees Empowerment