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Sara's Story

​​​​I met Sara for the first time in my office, she was shy and timid. She was very scared, lonely and couldn't trust anyone. She explained how her husband tried to kill her, humiliated her by shaving her head and eyebrows and stabbed her with a knife several times.
She told me that she was kidnapped by her husband and forced into a marriage that she didn't want. She had no choice in the matter.

She was in the Middle East at that time and there was no way to report it to the police. Luckily, she reported it to us once she arrived to the USA as a refugee. When we started to work with her, she was wearing a wig to cover her shaved head, she was suffering from PTSD and had frequent nightmares. We took her case very seriously and hired an attorney to represent her and provide her with support.
We also provided her with crisis intervention services. Within the first week that we provided her with individual therapy, she started to regain her self esteem, became empowered to accept herself and start to move forward in her life.

As her hair started to grow back, and her case in the court started moving forward, Sara transformed into a strong, dedicated, and committed woman who could look forward to a new chapter in her life. She is going to college and her court case is about to be finalized. She is no longer lonely. She found her family at License to Freedom, someone who can understand her and support her. She expressed her gratitude for us in helping her find a lawyer, settle her case, help her regain her liberty and never giving up on her. She can now tell her story to the world with confidence. The story of hope and dreams.
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