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During our group meetings we mainly focus on art therapy, which empowers the women and girls through artistic expression, and gives them a safe outlet for their emotions, and thoughts. Women from the Middle East aren’t always encouraged to talk about, or confront their feelings, especially to their daughters. Mothers feel that it isn’t appropriate to talk intimately with their girls, or perhaps they are simply too scared or uncomfortable to express themselves. We think that our program can strengthen the relationships between moms and daughters, and facilitate a positive change in young women’s lives. For example, a project that we would do is to create a quilt, each girl and her mom create a square with a pocket that can be filled with notes (containing anything) that would then be connected with all the other squares made by other moms and their daughters. Projects like this focus on the women’s individual feelings and problems, but at the same time provide a sense of connection and community with others who may be going through similar experiences. Our women’s support groups go beyond simple art projects, we have volunteers and therapists at the meetings who engage and connect with the women, empowering them to talk about their lives and with people who are different than them. Rywan means navigator, and what we do is help young women and their mothers navigate through life, no matter how rough the waves may be.

Mom and Daughter Program