License to Freedom offers counseling services to individuals, couples, families and groups. We offer a unique approach to therapy that is based on client's strengths and pays close attention to the effects of culture. We look at problems in their contexts rather than locating problems within the individual. We are interested in the political, gendered, linguistic, social and economic climates that produce problems and cultivate resiliencies. License to Freedom (L2F) exists primarily to address the needs of domestic violence victims among San Diego County’s large refugee and immigrant community. L2F is the only program offering culturally and linguistically appropriate services in this context to populations in the San Diego area, including Iraqi, Iranian, Burmese, Afghani, Kurdish, Turkish, and African populations. In recent years, L2F has greatly increased its value both to these populations and the broader community by developing a palette of mental health and supportive services provided with sensitivity to the histories, experiences, and challenges of these populations. These services include individual and family therapy, domestic violence group treatment, expressive art therapy and music therapy. Many of those served have experienced tremendous trauma prior to arriving here, including life in war zones, loss of family and friends, and/or torture. L2F provides services that address these realities, including home therapy visits if appropriate.
Counseling Services
We offer free and affordable therapy services for individuals, couples, families and groups. We accept cash or check.
​We also accept CAL VCP.  

If you are interested in counseling services, please contact us for an appointment.
What is CAL VCP and am I eligible?

The California Victims of Crime Compensation Board (CALVCP) will help victims of violent crimes, which includes victims of domestic violence and children who have been exposed to domestic violence. The program helps cover the cost of therapy services.

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My name is Jessica Tooma and I am currently an MFT Intern at License to Freedom. I graduated with my MA in counseling in 2013 from National University .   I've been working in the mental health field for years. My clinical interest includes cognitive behavior therapy as well as solution focused therapy. I have experience working with developmentally disabled , schizophrenics and dual diagnosis clients. I have become culturally competent with many different populations such as the middle eastern culture through working at License to Freedom. I also speak many languages, some of those languages include Arabic, Aramaic, elementary Spanish and dialects of Arabic. I enjoy listening to music, going to the gym, the beach, and I love learning and reading about different cultures and there uniqueness.
Supervision for LTF interns and trainees  is provided by Dr​. Joyce A. Fike, PsyD.

Big Congratulations to Dr. Fike for Receiving 2013 Doctor of the Year Award​ 

Meet Our Counseling Team
Jessica Tooma, MFT Intern
  to  Freedom
Navid Zamani

​​My name is Navid Zamani and I am currently an MFT trainee at San Diego State University. I have a strong commitment to working with people and have been doing so for over 5 years now in different capacities. I utilize Narrative theory with solution-focused techniques to help expand, empower and build people's stories and experiences of themselves and others. I have experience working with children with Autism and other developmental disorders, adolescents in a high school setting, and survivors of domestic violence. License to Freedom has provided me the privilege of working with the Middle-Eastern population, which is a population that is near and dear to my heart due to my Iranian heritage. I have English and Farsi language capabilities, as well as some elementary Spanish skills. In my free time I enjoy playing drums with my band, gardening, being outdoors, and spending time with my 2 dogs.

Maram Younis

I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist to work with individuals, families, couples, and children. Since working collaboratively with my clients is salient to me, I value clients’ voices in the process of therapy. My goal is to empower those I work with in many aspects of their lives. It is important for me to provide non-judgmental, respectful, and culturally sensitive care. I approach my work from an integrative perspective because I believe that our bodies and minds are connected. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, being outdoors, and cooking. I look forward to meeting.


​I have studied Fine art in Europe and here in San Diego. I have worked as an Art Instructor with Children Enrichment after School Program. Also I have taughtt adult drawing and painting in my private studio. Currently I am a graduate student studying Expressive Arts Therapy at The Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego and a European graduate school in Switzerland. This education is about a new approach of Art which leads to healing and transformation. I work as Art facilitator with Iranian women support groups, as well as American elderly population. I am the first one that introduces this field to Iranian community. I am married and have two grown up sons. My favorite quotation is: To be good is enough, perfection is not necessary.
Future goals: “This education has changed my life, personally, professionally and spiritually. I am determined to continue this journey”.

Tina Badiyan

​My name is Tina Badiyan and I am a Persian-American MFT trainee at San Diego State University. I work largely with adolescents as well as adults in family, couple, group and individual sessions. My aim as a Narrative therapist is to help clients re-author the problematic stories of their lives, and create a preferred story. I believe that people are full of capabilities that can be brought to the surface and developed, and that together we can find ways to help utilize strengths to address challenges and struggles. I speak Persian ("Farsi") and English, and have basic knowledge of Spanish. I am honored to work with License to Freedom, as it allows me to interact with a population culturally similar to my own. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, playing basketball and generally being outdoors.

Sabrina Shamas

​​I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. I recently graduated with my Masters in MFT, from San Diego State University. My commitment is to those in need of therapeutic services. I am of Middle Eastern decent and fluent in both English and Arabic. For several years, my primary experience is providing mental health services to children, adolescents, and their families. My current work in Domestic violence ranges from Middle Eastern refugees to crisis interventions. My therapeutic goal is to work collaboratively with my client in meaningful ways, on their journey to exploring their preferred identity. During my free time, I enjoy traveling while experiencing different cultures and lifestyles.“Who are we becoming in our acts of living?” - Michael White

Mostafa Bushra

​My name is Mostafa Bushra and I am currently an MFT student at National University. I am an Egyptian-American fluent in Arabic/English. I have experience working with children, adults and families with behavioral, addictive, acculturation, and marital issues. I seek to help individuals with the process of making and maintaining healthy changes in their lives. I am trained in many therapeutic approaches and enjoy working collaboratively to empower individuals in breaking destructive patterns and taking control of creating their own desired future. Working with License to Freedom I understand and am able to provide respect, support and cultural sensitivity to individuals and their values.